Thursday, November 18, 2010


* AJ has started playing club soccer. He lives for soccer, so this is a good thing. He practices 3 times a week and has games on Saturdays. He is really enjoying playing with a more serious team. And he is making some great friends too boot.

* Shawn usually takes him, so while he is gone, My friend Mary comes over since she too has been abandoned by her menfolk. And then we usually have dinner while the small kiddos play. It is actually a nice arrangement and it cuts down on adult consumption of corn dogs and chicken nuggets. Maybe it is just me, but I really don't throw out all my cooking stops when I am just cooking for myself and a two year old.

* My friend Deborah is really moving this time. That is the bad news. The good news is that she is moving to IL, which is a great state with a bunch of nice people in it. She has never lived in an area where it gets cold, so this should be interesting. I am expecting a lot of phone calls dealing with the importance of warming up cars, snowblowers, and heating oil. I will be sure to take these calls while I am sitting on my patio eating the chicken I just grilled, (on said patio).

* Charlie is back to his normal self. I am so glad that my kids are the independent non-clingy types. Because after 3 days of Charlie having to be a) in the same room as me at all times and b) having to be touching me at all times, I was just about done.

* I am hosting Thanksgiving next week. It will be a smaller crowd than last year, but It should be fun. Each family is bringing something, so there will be plenty of food to dive into. I can't wait to break out the ol' turkey platter and get started.

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