Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Yay For Big Brothers. . .

. . . especially when they always catch you.

Charlie's Note of The Day

Charlie was mad because all of the cucumbers in the garden died. Be he said Mommy was planting more. 

Editor's note: We actually had a few cucumbers each week until the really bad heat took hold.  The pepper plants are thriving though, so hopefully we will have green peppers soon.


Charlie threw AJ's goggles in the pool and then the following conversation took place:

AJ: I can't see my goggles at the bottom of the pool. 

Charlie: You should use your goggles.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Saturday, July 21, 2012

The Progression of a Dust Storm

6:45 PM


7:10 PM


(Look! We are on Mars!)

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Monday, July 16, 2012

I Don't Remember What He Was Asking For. . .

but I probably gave it to him.

Movie Night

The other night we went out to dinner and saw a movie. This was Charlie sitting in the movie seat before the booster seat. You can see he is thrilled. I am expecting there will be formal complaint lodged regarding the unacceptable accommodations he had to endure as a weight-challanged person.

And for the record, he didn't use the booster seat. Why use a booster seat when you can sit on your mom's lap?

Now He Follows Directions?

I told Charlie to jump in the box because I was sending him to his grandparents' house.  He jumped right in. He was seriously mad when I told him I was just kidding, and I was not actually going to ship him anywhere.

Computer Camp

AJ spent a week at ASU again this year at computer camp. He got to design his own game for the iPhone.  I am sure you will be all shocked to learn that it involved zombies.

The first picture is his instructor giving him his certificate, and the second picture is his game.

Swimming Buddies

AJ and Charlie spent about an hour in the pool on Sunday. They especially like the "let's carry Charlie under the running water" game. 

Sage Advice

Yesterday, AJ had a soccer game. Charlie, in an effort to lend support, shouted out the following advice during the game:

"AJ! When the ball comes to you, kick it!"

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Cat V Squirrel

As my dad would say, the cat is "practicing patience".

And The Strangeness Continues

We don't get a lot of colorful birds here in the desert. It's not like back east where there are blue jays, cardinals and finches.  This little guy showed up after the parade. I love the splash of color. 

Fourth of July Parade

The parade this year was just as big as ever.  As you can see, Charlie started out a little crabby, but once the parade got under way, he was just fine. 

The oddest thing about the parade was the weather. We don't see a lot of rain here, so when it does rain it is an event. The rain held off until after the parade, but when it rained, IT RAINED.