Saturday, November 6, 2010

Fall Festival

Each year our middle school puts on a fall festival. We have been going since the very first year they have had it. And, boy has it grown. It has gone from a few bouncy houses and face painting to actual rides, vendors, food and music. And the crowds! I felt really lucky to live where we do. We were able to walk with no problem. Some people ended up having to park blocks away and in empty lots.

Charlie spent most of his time in the bouncy houses. Which worked out for us since that allowed me to stay in one spot and talk to people. AJ ran around the festival, meeting up with friends and checked in when he needed more money or tickets. What can I say? We are close.

AJ also won us a cake in the cake walk. It was the same cake we had donated. This is the third year he has done that. Apparently he has a tough time letting go of cakes. But I have to say, the kid is lucky. He wins stuff like that all the time.

It was a really fun time. And it was great to see all the people that make our town run out and about with their families. It was very "Gilmore Girls".

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  1. That is so funny. I didn't know that AJ wanted the same cake you donated.