Wednesday, November 3, 2010

My Next Project

The curtains are done! Yeah!

So, onto the next project:

I need something to go in this area. It is behind our sofa. I LOVE these prints. I have built my color scheme for the house around these prints in our last 4 hones. Shawn surprised me with them after I left the catalog around the house, opened to the page with the prints, with the prints circled. I did this for a few months. One day, they showed up at our door. It is nice to be married to a man that can appreciate subtlety.

The space was originally intended to house the media center. But that would mean that the people sitting in the family room would be looking into the kitchen, and the person in the kitchen could not watch t.v. Both of those things are deal breakers in our family. So, we switched everything around. We love it, but the space is wasted and just begs to have some storage placed there. Also, those t.v. cables need to be hid. Now.

I knew exactly what I wanted. (Which, usually means that I would never find it.) I wanted a medium sized apothecary cabinet. And, amazingly, I found one in Phoenix, with some character, and for a decent price and it was one that I could paint. Score! And for those of you who watch Antiques Roadshow- I did look for a mark. There was none. And I also checked for dove tail joints. There were none. So stop telling me I am ruining a piece of furniture that will pay for my kids' college education.

Tomorrow I will begin sanding and painting. Hopefully at the end of what I am sure will be a fun filled project, (not) I will have a unique piece that looks like it was made for my family room; because it will be.

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