Monday, June 4, 2012

Fun Weekend

Last weekend AJ and got the stomach flu and then he got bronchitis on top of that.  He then shared the stomach flu with me. Our Memorial Day weekend was not that fun, to say the least.  We made up for lost time this weekend.

On Saturday I took the boys to Peter Piper Pizza.  They had fun playing the games and we even saw a friend from Charlie's school there.

On Sunday, we had some pool time which included popsicles and watermelon.

On Sunday night we went to this place called Uptown that just opened a few towns away.  It is in the same complex as our favorite movie theatre.  Uptown was pretty great.  We went bowling, and even had dinner while we bowled. Then, they had an arcade that actually had some really great games. 

The bowling was fun because AJ is actually a really good bowler, and gave Shawn a run for his money.  I embarrassed myself fully with my bowling abilities. 

I don't know if you know this about Charlie, but the kid loves music and he loves to dance.  I wish I had video of him bowling.  It wasn't enough for Charlie to walk up to the lane.  No, he had to dance his way up and then dance his way back. Then, he would attempt to breakdance next to our table.  At least he kept the other patrons and the waitstaff entertained. 

As I mentioned before, they had some very cool games at this arcade.  One of them was Fruit Ninjas which Charlie plays on the iPad all the time. He loved this life-sized one.

The biggest hit was this racing game.  You could pick which city you wanted to race in and then you got to race your motorcycle around that city.  I think Charlie played it 3 times.  I am not going to say he was a bad driver, but I am glad he was wearing a helmet.

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