Saturday, June 9, 2012

A Day At The Zoo

AJ, Charlie and I went to the zoo this week with my friends Kelly and Lauren. Kelly has two kids who are right around Charlie's age, so it worked out well. We had a great time.

 Charlie is trying to take a peek at the giraffes.

 This picture is for Gran. A picture with grandkids and giraffes, what could be better!?

 This life-sized  statue scared the day lights out of us. It is situated right when you turn the corner into the exhibit.  You think for second that one of the animals has gotten out.

 A very docile, and beautiful peacock.

 This is Kelly and her daughter, Katie.

 Kelly's son Sam, Charlie and AJ sitting on a giant crocodile statue.

 I am not sure what this ship's wheel, but Charlie liked it and pretended he was a pirate.

 Sam and Charlie walking back from looking at the elephant.

 The boys loved this statue of a orangutan and hammed it up for the camera.

 Charlie is striking a pose.

 They had a really pretty carousal that featured endangered animals. I didn't realize that fire-breathing dragons were endangered, but you always learn something new at the zoo.

 Katie, Kelly and Sam.

 I think the highlight of the trip was the last half hour when we looked at the sting rays. You were allowed to touch them. AJ loved it.

 And then, for some extra money you could actually feed the sting rays. AJ was really the only one in our group who wanted to do it.  Lauren was not a fan of the raw, slimy fish.

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