Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A Non-Update

Why a non-update? BECAUSE I AM NOT DOING ANYTHING!!!!!!!

Why sure, I have gotten a book almost read, some t.v. watched, and many naps taken. But when your biggest accomplishment is getting one load of laundry folded, that is just sad.

I know my job is to recover right now. And I am. I am doing better all the time. I even walked down to the mailbox today (with my bodyguard, Shawn) and got the mail. It was a whole two houses down the block! Baby steps.

I think I am having a problem with the recovery because I have nothing to show for the pain. The last time I had this type of operation, I got this out of it:

And this time I got nothing. I should have kept the stupid purple socks they made me wear.

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