Sunday, March 31, 2013

The First Home Game

For those of you that don't know, it has always been a dream of Shawn's to work in the world of professional soccer. He is a business man at heart, and has always wanted to combine his love of business with his love of soccer. 

About 2 years ago he and his friend Rui started talking (in our local coffee shop) about how to bring a professional soccer team to Phoenix. As with any new venture, there have been many starts and stops and not a little hair pulling. However, I am proud to say, they have made it happen. The first home game was Saturday.  I have to admit I got a little misty eyed as I looked around at the sold out crowd and realized that all of these fans, all of these employees and all of these players were there because of an idea that started in the local coffee shop. 

AJ's team got to be ball boys for the game. We all met at the Phoenix FC office and then walked to the field together from there. 

There is a very enthusiastic fan club that threw a parade right before the game. They have their own large section in the stands and they took their cheering very seriously. It really pumped up the crowds and I am sure spurred the players on to their win.

The boys each got a t-shirt to wear to the game.

At the game, Charlie and I got to sit in the VIP tent. We are not really VIPs, but we know a few. The view was fantastic. We were right behind the goal, and could see everything.

This was also AJ's position for being ball boy. He had a theory that he would see more action if he was behind the goal. It didn't quite pan out the way he had hoped, but I think he had fun.

This was the visiting team being led onto the field by another team from AJ's club.

And then our team came out. AJ's team led them onto the field.

We even had fireworks during the National Anthem.

Here is one shot of the actual game. I didn't get a lot of shots of the game because Charlie was being Charlie and was keeping me on my toes.

Finally, here is a post game picture. Shawn and the rest of the group have worked so hard the last two years trying to make this happen. I couldn't be prouder.

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  1. All of the best conversations take place over coffee...or wine, I am certain of it. Congratulations to Shawn and the entire Phoenix FC family - so exciting!! xoxo