Friday, March 22, 2013

Charlie's First Official Playdate

Charlie and Malachi are very good friends. It probably has a lot to do with the fact they are old souls. If Charlie is 5 going on 30, then Malachi is 5 going on 40. He is a very sweet kid and gives Charlie a run for his money when it comes to negotiations. 

The playdate started out well enough. But the best laid plans of taking them to a movie got changed when I found out that I would be the one taking AJ to his soccer tournament. That normally wouldn't be a big deal. However, it was about an hour away and so poor Charlie and Malachi ended up spending 2 hours of the playdate in a car. And did I mention Charlie gets carsick? He does. He did. Twice. 

 Playing with chalk on the driveway.

 Tricycle and scooter practice.

 Dropping AJ off at his soccer tournament.

Charlie showing his buddy his new hamster.

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