Sunday, October 14, 2012

So, it's Been Awhile

I had grand ideas about updating the blog over fall break. Yet, here it is the Sunday night before going back to school, and I have not written a darn thing. I also didn't clean, work out or cook elaborate meals. I am an equal opportunity slacker. Actually, what I did do was drive AJ to school and back which took 3 hours out of every day, and the rest of the time I graded papers. I wish I was kidding. I did go out to lunch a few times, but grading papers was about the gist of my fall break. I also worked on my Spanish and did progress reports for my students. The excitement is never ending here.

The past few months have been crazy. Being a first year teacher is very much like being a first year parent. That feeling of never ending work, getting very little sleep, and never getting ahead, are very similar. Next year will be better because I will not have to spend hours cutting things out, laminating them and then cutting them out again, searching for resources or learning the standards. But until I can get a handle on, you know, my life, the blog will be a bit sparse.

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