Monday, December 19, 2016

It Turns Out, I Am Kinda Vain. . .

My hair started falling out from the chemo this past week. In a nutshell, I did not take it well. I didn't even like my hair but, it is very unsettling to see clumps of hair falling off of you in the shower. Several people had told me that when this happened to them, they chose to be proactive about it and just shave their head.

I had AJ do the honors. I thought it was important that I give him something to do. He embraced the task and kept me laughing the whole time. We pulled a kitchen chair into the bathroom, and got to work. He asked if he could make a design in my hair first. When I said yes, he became down-right giddy. There was a lighting bolt and a mohawk at one point. After he was done he asked me for a Yelp review.

To get Charlie involved, AJ allowed Charlie to shave his head.  Charlie did a couple sweeps, made his big brother look like Wolverine, and then was done. But it made the whole thing less scary for him.

I wear a stocking cap that a friend made me, most of the time. At home, I will go without. To their credit, the men in my house have yet to recoil in horror or make too much fun of me, (except for the occasional Alien reference). I am still getting use to going out in public, but it is getting easier. I try to remember that it is just hair.

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