Monday, July 20, 2015

Debra is Here!!!!!!!!!

Brittney did some family pictures for Debra at the golf course. The original plan was to eat at the Grille, but when we got there (all 9 of us), they told us the kitchen was closing and that we would be asked to leave at 8:30. After that, we went to Grazies. It was fun to spend time with these ladies, and the kids had fun hanging out too. 

We got to spend the whole day with Debra and her kids. So we started by going to the park with the dog. (FYI- the dog is not good off lease yet.) Then, we went to our new swim park and spent a few hours there and had lunch. We ended the night at Tempo (of course). Carrie and Karen were able to stop by and meet Debra, which was great. I wish she lived here because I know those two would lover her as much as I do. 

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