Thursday, July 9, 2015

4Th Of July

AJ left on the 3rd, so he was not around for the July 4th celebrations in town. But the thereof us had fun anyway. 

We started out the day with the pancake breakfast at Tempo. We watched the parade from the window. (Charlie wasn't in the parade because his bike was donated to Goodwill when I cleaned out the garage. It still had the streamers on it from last 4th if July. That tells you how much he rode it.)

Charlie got his face painted during the pancake breakfast. He was her only customer for a while, so when I say "face", I mean both cheeks and both arms. 

After that we met Jen and her family at the new, super awesome pool. The town hosted a huge party. The boys had a blast. 

My friends Hannah and TJ were in town, so I met up with them for drinks while Jen took all the kids to Goodyear for that fireworks show. 

All in all, a fun 4Th!

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