Monday, June 3, 2013

Girls' Night Out

Kelly, Lauren and I went to a paint your own pottery place called As You Wish last night. I had never been to one of these places before and I had so much fun. The way it works, is that you pick out something that you want to paint. They have every type of ceramic figure you could think of. There were bowls and plates of course, but also platters, piggy banks, coffee mugs, etc. Then you pick out your paint, what type of brush you want to you and you get to work.

Kelly and I made bowls for our kids, and Lauren made a food/water dish for her dogs.

Here are what the bowls look like when you get them off the shelf. The tiles on the table are what you use to put your paint on.

 Here is Lauren doing her dog dish. It cam out amazing. by the time she was done she could have sold that thing at a boutique.

Kelly's worked on a bowl for her son. She loves this place so much, her goal is to have a whole set of dishes by the time she is done. 

Here are the bowls I made for the kids. The colors will be bright red, kelly green and royal blue after it is fired. Then on the bottom, I made a little heart, wrote "mom" and 2013. If I don't see them eating cereal out of these bowls in college, I will be seriously offended. 

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