Monday, November 12, 2012

Lauren's Bachelorette Party

This weekend was my friend Lauren's bachelorette party. We went to Vegas. Kelly and I drove up there and met Lauren, Rene and Jammie there. This cloud was right over Vegas. That really should have been our first sign that no one should even bother gambling. 

Lauren got all dressed up and Rene gave her a pink boa and a flashing button that said she was the bride. 

Lauren was given scratch of cards that had dares on them. There were pretty tame, but I was still glad I was not the bride.  She was a good sport about it and did everything that was asked of her. 

I honestly do not remember where this was, but many of the hotels were already decked out for the holidays. This is Lauren and Kelly soaking up any Christmas cheer they can. 

We went to this beautiful restaurant at the Venetian. The interior design was amazing. These stone tups filled with rose petals were in the entry way. I wish I had taken more pictures of the rest of the restaurant.

Here is the ceiling of the Venetian. I love Vegas because it is like going to a million little Disney Worlds. Each hotel is decorated in a very specific way. And they are very good about the details.

Some scenery from the way back.

This was the car we were stuck behind on the way back, on a one lane highway. It was so unbelievably gross and the smell was something I cannot begin to describe. Kelly, a vegetarian, was barely able to drive. I have to admit, I was not a good friend. I was laughing, until I was crying, at the fact that we got stuck behind this for several miles. 

It was a fun weekend with a lot of good memories. And one dead deer. 

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