Thursday, November 1, 2012


Halloween this year was fun and laid back.  By friend Brittney moved back to AZ and now lives around the corner. We went and had some pizza with them and then AJ and her oldest daughter Maddy and Maddy's cousin, went trick or treating.  Brittney and I took Charlie and her youngest daughter, Lily around the neighborhood. Charlie was not as into it once he realized that AJ was ditching him to go with the older kids. But we did about 15 houses and he got a good stash.

Charlie was Bumblebee from Transformers and AJ was a vampire. 

A house on our street was giving full sized-sized Butterfingers. Luckily for me, AJ has been trained since birth to give all his Butterfingers to me.

After Charlie got tired of trick or treating, we went and hung out on the front porch with Shawn to pass out candy. We brought out chairs, some drinks, and basically tailgated on our front porch. Our neighbors across the street made the rest of us look bad by making a haunted house facade out of an old box, and using to block tiher porch. There were windows cut out and her little girls passed out candy to the trick or treaters through the window. I wish I had thought to take a picture.  It was pretty creative. 

I found this easter basket this past year. I love that Charlie wanted to use it for trick or treating. 

Our jack-o-lantern that AJ carved.

Charlie imitating his pumpkin.

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