Friday, October 29, 2010

Foiled Again By The 2 Year Old's Agenda

If I had a blog back when AJ was 2, I would have this exact same picture. Except, AJ would be sitting next to a bear costume and scowling at me. I have a very distinct memory of going door to door on Halloween that year, holding up AJ's costume and saying to everyone who opened the door, "He's a bear, see?"

But, luckily, this time I have a secret weapon- The Big Brother. I am hoping that Charlie will want to put on his costume once he sees AJ in his. It worked with broccoli.


  1. This picture is so funny and explains a lot about why Charlie did not look happy to be getting his costume on at school. I walked past his classroom and he had the same look on his face when the teacher tried to put it on. I tried to cheer him up and said hi, but he was in no mood to exchange pleasantries.

  2. Oh my - I remember that bear costume (and the trouble it caused)! My favorite part of this picture is the matching scowls of Charlie and the scorned costume!