Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Memorial Day Weekend

This past weekend, Shawn's adult soccer league had a tournament up in Payson AZ. Thirty of us stayed in a large log cabin that slept us all comfortably.

The property was very kid-friendly. There was a small fishing pond, basketball hoop, horseshoe pit, hiking and a ton of outdoor games for the kids. There were so many kids, that they were not bored at all and spent most of their time outside. 

AJ with a homemade fishing pole.

One of AJ's best friends who also happened to be there.

AJ hanging out by the pond.
My friend Melanie and one of her boys.

 Charlie loved fishing, and spent a lot of time down at the pond.

The kids played basketball, rode scooters, played frisbee and of course played soccer. They were outside all day long and only came in for food.

 Here is Shawn's team. Many of their families stayed with us, and the others were at a nearby campground. They were pretty mad when they came over for a party and saw our digs.

 The office nook.

Kitchen table.



The main fireplace. (There were two.)

To go downstairs. There was a whole other kitchen and family room, along with 4 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms on the bottom floor.

 This happened a lot. In fact one of the kids fell in trying to get a frisbee.

 This was Charlie after the first day. He crashed in every sense of the word.

Jake gave fishing lessons to the kids. They caught quite a few.

 AJ caught a fish too. He threw it right back.

 This guy watched us each every night. We are pretty sure his eyes moved.

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