Wednesday, December 12, 2012

You Mean I Could Have Used The HOV Lane?

The other day I left my windows down overnight in the garage to air out the car.  I am not going to go into why the car had to be aired out, but trust me, it had to be done.

During my morning commute, I got quite the surprise when a field mouse scampered across my dashboard ***while I was driving ***.   He had obviously made himself at home in the car during the night. I am all for carpooling, but this guy had to go. Instead of calling Shawn in a panic and freaking out over something he a) could not help me with, or b) has any control over (which is my usual M.O.),  I pulled into a parking lot, put the window down, got some coffee and hoped for the best.

I haven't seen the little guy again.  I can only assume he is enjoying his new digs after his recent enrollment in the field mouse catch and release program

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